Selling at Craft Fairs

On a personal note I love to visit and explore Craft Fairs. I love to stroll through the isles and visiting the vending tents to see what creative idea that person has made. Here in NC there are so many festivals and craft vending places to visit that its hard to squeeze in every place within that particular event month. I have taken my Etsy shop Flymeawaycreations on the road to sell at a few craft festivals. Being a craft vendor is fun, although it can feel overwhelming too. I am still learning through trial and error when I take my Etsy shop out on the road.  Selling your handmade items can be a rewarding experience plus it helps promote your online shop if you have one! Our shop is located in a small town near the NC coast we are lucky to be a part of a great craft/vendor market known as the Salty Air Open Market. After driving by this cute market multiple

times, I decided to stop one day and stroll around to see what type of vendors are set up. I noticed that my items that I create are unique and no one created what I did. After I spoke to someone and saw that I could bring something different and new to the market I had to try! Being part of this market is great and I have had successful sale days along with more traffic visiting my Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook Flymeawaycreations page.

I would like to share along helpful tips that have helped me succeeded on those market days.

  1. Staging to draw in the crowds to increase sales. The key is setting a theme or props to help display your items, which can draw the people into your tent/table area. Having a covered 10×10 tent and tables help create your own area.   ( I sell 3D printed planters, so my tent is full of blooming flowers!) ( Starting this month I will have a 3Dprinter printing items to show our customers how our work is created.)
  2. Bringing enough change, many people are likely to pay with cash, so be prepared to make change if you receive high $ bills. Also accept credit cards by using a card reader, this prevents a customer from walking away. ( Our shop accepts credit cards and cash, using a square card reader is easy, and I have sold many items by taking credit cards.).
  3. Being organized and pricing your items is very helpful, it shows the customer that you are prepared and lets them know how much your items are worth.
  4. Having business cards to hand out shows that you are professional and its a great marketing tool especially if you sell online. ( By doing this I have had more traffic at my Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook page.)
  5.  Be friendly! Just saying hi to the people walking by can help start a conversation and it brings the people more into your area to get a close up of those handmade items!

Now, after finding your craft vendor fair/ festival that you would like to  set up and sell t take along these helpful tips above and go sell successfully & have fun!


DIY Fun Shape Crayons

My days can be chaotic with three kids and balancing my Etsy shop,plus selling locally on the weekends. It can be difficult at times to find ways to keep them entertain.  My kids love to paint, draw, and especially color, but the crayons or even the pencils could be boring to use. One day the kids pulled out the crayon box and we all noticed that the crayons were mostly broken, so this is when I had an idea to melt down the broken pieces and re shape them into new pieces! ( I saw this once on Pintrest and I thought to myself lets try it!) So the kids joined in and helped make tiny pieces of red, yellow, blue, green crayons and mold them into heart shapes. We had taken an old baking cupcake heart pan from the kitchen, put the broken pieces of crayons into the pan and melted the crayons in the oven for about 15 minutes. When the time was up outcome heart-shaped new crayons!

After collecting more candy and baking pans over time I have created all different fun shapes for my kids and to sell on Etsy. It’s easy to create any fun shape if you have the right molds! I like to use silicone molds they are easier to clean and the shape looks better as well.

So don’t throw out those broken crayon pieces this DIY is a huge hit with kids, and it’s a great opportunity to have fun with the kids! Follow these easy steps to get started & have fun!

  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees F. Next, peel the paper wrappers from each crayon.
  2. Break the crayons into small pieces if needed ( ½”). Smaller bits will melt more quickly in the oven.
  3. Fill molds with crayon pieces. If you want crayons to have an ombré look,  group similar colors together, graduating from dark to light, but rainbow crayons are a fun look too.
  4. Place the mold on a cookie sheet and bake in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes or until the crayons are completely melted.
  5. When removing the cookie sheet from the oven, be very careful,  not to spill any, melted crayons.
  6. As the crayons cool, they will harden you can speed up the process, by transfering the molds into the freezer after the crayons firm up.
  7. After about 30 minutes, remove the molds from the freezer. If the bottoms of the mold are cool, you can release the crayons from the mold by first gently pulling and stretching the molds to loosen up the crayons and then pushing each crayon up and out from the bottom. If the molds are still warm to the touch, return them to the freezer and check again in 10 minutes.
  8. Start coloring with your new colorful crayons!


You can check out all the fun shaped crayons at my shop by following the link below:

Growing Tomatoes

Summer has passed, but you don’t have to give up on your fresh tomatoes on the vine there is a way that you can keep them throughout the long winter days!  The plants that harvest small, cherry- or grape-sized tomatoes in large quantities usually do better indoors than larger “slicing” selections. At my  Etsy shop  Flymeawaycreations you can find a great and unique way to start your own tomato plant indoors!   I love having fresh tomatoes right in the kitchen that you can enjoy in so  many different recipes. This year I have three plants growing indoors on my kitchen window sill and they are thriving!  The planter is a kit to help anyone start their own tomato garden. After the plant starts blooming and about 14-16” tall it might be best to replant into a larger container.

When you begin your tomato plant, you will plant the seeds in a starter soil mix, about 1/4 inches deep. To maintain the plant water by keeping the soil moist but not soggy, and keep it in a warm area, therefore in 5-10 days the seeds should germinate. While growing any plant indoors, you may have to experiment with location and lighting to get the best results.  Nevertheless with a little time and care, soon you should be able to have your fresh off the vine tomatoes!

Check out the planter by following the link



Give yourself to the Dark Side

That’s right… Go to the Dark side!

In the pantheon of movie villains, few figures are as daunting or unforgettable as Darth Vader.  I remember as a child watching Star Wars with my dad and loving the plots and twists of each movie. Today, I still enjoy watching the movies with my hubby and kids.  Many people who watch the Star Wars movies pick a side “Light” or “Dark”, for me, it has always been the Dark side.  Darth Vader was impressive as he presented terror when he walked into a room , he always seemed confident and thought he was unstoppable.

I am always trying to think about what the next unique planter could be in my shop, so I wanted to create an impressive and social spotlight for any room.  That is when I said; why not take one of my favorite “Dark” characters and create him into a one of a kind planter!

My inspired 3D printed Darth Vader is printed with PLA plastic and works perfect with small succulents or air plants. The size of the planter fits perfect on a small desk in an office or a window sill! You can check out the planter by visiting the shop at

Planting with Alligators

Growing up I was fascinated with a wide array of animals and at one time thought about being a Zoologist, but, my creativity and ideas directed me into a different direction, towards my business. I love to design or recreate an item to sell in the shop that has a meaning behind it. Take for instance, the Alligator planter which is one of my favorite planters that I have listed on my Etsy shop. The planter is made from plastic and yes you might be able to find it in the toy isle of a store, but I didn’t see the alligator as a toy for one of my children to play with, I saw it as a cool unique planter to showcase one of my air plants.  I had so many compliments  for the planter I started creating them to sell at my shop. After listing it within a few days it sold!  You can find the golden alligator planter at the shop by following the link,sort:stock,order:ascending,stats:true/249414524

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