How to boost Etsy Sales

Before you blame your products or even Etsy there are a few steps that you might need to work on to grab those sales that you are wishing for each day. We have all been there… a day or two goes by with no sales and we start panicking. So, what can you DO to change what is happening (or more like NOT happening!)?

Before You Start…. Don’t change everything all at one time!

I hear several people in the Facebook Etsy discussion groups all the time saying, “I changed all my listings, and nothing happened”. Never change your shop all at once.

Yes, there are a few things that you can do to increase sales, but don’t take all of these and go nuts in a frenzy of faux productivity. Try one, maybe two and then see what happens!

  1. Do you need to improve photos? Make sure to use natural light or a light box to focus on your product. You want your product to grab the customer attention and for them to click on your item to see more.
  2. Low sales? Work on your SEO by searching for your product and see how many competing items are listed in search. See if they have strong SEO keywords (if they don’t have strong keywords and have lots of sales, they may be driving them themselves through social media). Go to your listings and look at them with a critical eye… do you have lots of keywords that buyers would be searching for?
  3. Are your descriptions lacking information? Make sure your descriptions answer what it is, who is it for, describe the item, like you were describing it to someone over the phone give details! (measurements color, and what holiday or special occasion that you would use the item)
  4. Check your pricing! Search for your items in the Etsy search bar and see what your items are selling for, because you need to be competitive in your field. Change your prices if needed.
  5. Do you offer international shipping? Try to expand your shop international, you don’t have to ship around the world, but if you limit your store to only to the US then you are losing customers.


At one time I was not receiving sales everyday and I started researching how to improve my shop and from learning these helpful tips above it has improved my shop from last year to this year. My total views have increased 173%, my orders have increased 200% and my revenue has increased by 206%.  Still today I am always tweaking photos, descriptions, titles, and offering new ways to gain customers as followers on my social media platforms.

Improve your Etsy Sales


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