Tropical PLANTS that grow almost anywhere!

Transform your yard or large planters into paradise with one of these easy- care exotic beauties. How tropical are these plants? True tropical plants originate in humid, hot climates; jungles and Hawaii. While several of these are tropical, they can survive in less than steamy locales so you can enjoy their showy look almost anywhere. If you live in areas that can deep below freezing, keep these plants in planters and bring them inside in the colder months. In warmer climates these tropical beauties can survive throughout the year.  I have created a list of the top five tropical plants that I enjoy and are easy to take care of.

First, Hardy Hibiscus, this shrub has a large bloom that looks like the Hawaii state flower. This flower will last through each season in almost every state. Plant the flower in a sunny location and keep the soil moist. Once the flower starts blooming in midsummer, the flowers will last months. This pretty flower grows well in your flower garden, or if you don’t have the space, make sure you plant it in a large container to give it enough room to grow!

Second, Elephant ears, to bring drama to any space, why not add this heart-shaped leafy plant. Elephant ears can grow three feet long on six-foot-tall stalks creating a drama jungle look to your garden! These plants love partial shade, plenty of water, and regular plant fertilizer to help it thrive. Also, this plant can grow in large container planters to add volume in any room in your home or office.

Third, Passionflower, this vine sprouts flat petals that surround a fringed center. Starting in summer, the blooms stay open for only a day, but flowering buds bloom constantly, so you’ll see flowers through early Fall. Remember to plant this beautiful flower after the last frost and it can survive the winter in every region other than Midwest and northern New England. If you decide to plant in a container, make sure you place the flowering plant near a background where the vine can latch on to and thrive.

Fourth, Canna flower, this gorgeous long palm-like leaf is mixed brightly stripes are often its flashiest feature! It also has tall, ruffled flowers in bold colors. The canna is a sun worshiper and should last through the winter in the mid-Atlantic and South and up the Pacific coastline to Northwest.

Lastly, Pineapple lily, this whimsical plant has fragrant spikes of star-shaped flowers that look like pineapples but are not edible. You can plant this in the spring or summer, and it will survive winter in the southeast and Southwest and along the Pacific coast.


So next time you are deciding which flowering plant to bring home, think about adding a little tropical vibe to your space with any of these plants above. Also, check out Flymeawaycreations Etsy shop where you can find smaller planters that are 3D printed and unique to help hold any tropical smaller indoor plants.

Tropical Plants

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