Making an Indoor Fairy Garden

Miniature gardens filled with fairies, gnomes, and cute little fairy houses offer children an enchanted play space to develop their creativity and imagination. Add a bit of magic to your favorite indoor potted plants by adding fairy accessories from a local craft shop or creating your own with a little bit of glue and imagination to create a one of a kind fairy garden for any child or a kid at heart!  In this blog I will describe how to create an indoor little fairy garden by using a few materials and show you some ideas to create a fairy garden by just adding homemade/bought accessories to your potted plants.

First, some of the materials that you will need to create a fairy garden

(1)Large container

Potting soil

(2-3)Small plants (indoor plants) & rocks or pebbles

First decide what type of container you would like, this is up to you, A few of my  favorite fairy garden container ideas is a large round planter, clay pot, glass container, or small metal container.  Then you will put your soil into your fairy garden using an organic potting soil for best results. Choose some of your larger plants and furniture as “anchor points” for your design. Next, add in our secondary plants and pieces and make sure everything that needs to be is planted in the soil.  This is where you can add fun flowering plants or even plant flowering seeds and watch them grow in your garden! You can use colored aquarium gravel or small pebbles to cover the soil and give your fairy garden a finished look. You can use two tone colored pebbles to create a path through the garden leading to her home. If your container is large enough, you can make different scenes in your fairy garden, such as a sitting area for your fairy or different little paths throughout the garden. Fill in the areas that you molded to be rivers, ponds, walkways, and paths. Any of the elements below can be added to finish these features:



glass gems

sea glass

wood slices


With a little hot glue, a few craft supplies and some potted plants, you can create a beautiful indoor fairy garden that’s perfect for every season. Click through this gallery for fun ideas and inspiration to get started on your own fairy garden.

You can also find flowering seeds; wildflowers, lavender, and sunflowers at Flymeawaycreations Etsy shop. Here is the listing for one type of flowering seeds:

Also when visiting Flymeawaycreations shop you can find a very unique 3Dprinted fairy house to add to your garden! This adorable home features a small door for any fairy to enter and rest for the night. The complete home is 3D printed with biodegradable PLA material and hand painted olive green with a touch of gold sparkles! The house is shaped in a dome to help blend into the flower garden and sparkles in the sun or moon light to attract any passing fairy!

You can find it here by following the link:

Hope this blog can help you start your very own little fairy garden!

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