Window Sill Gardening

You can start your green thumb this year by beginning your garden in the window! There are a few important benefits to growing some plants indoors. The main one is that your garden is almost completely protected against pests and bad weather. It can also brighten up any room if you add colorful plants along your window in any room.

Ideally, you should have your plants in the south-facing windows to get the most light. Plants that prefer shade will do fine in any window, or even on a table in the middle of the room. Light that comes in through window glass gets magnified, so a plant can get very hot even though it’s indoors. Make sure you rotate your plants to prevent the leaves and stems leaning towards one side.

Water your plant when the soil is dry to the touch, and make sure you use containers that have a drainage hole in the bottom or side of the planter. You can use natural fertilizer or compost a few times throughout the season to help keep the nutrients up. The best plants for gardening indoors in the window are herbs and other leafy vegetables. Basil, mint, and thyme will do very well. Lettuce or fresh greens will also grow well sitting in the window. With indoor herbs, it’s not always enough to simply water when the soil is dry. For best results, mimic rainfall by spraying down the leaves in the kitchen sink once a week. Alternatively, spritz the foliage with a misting bottle every few days. Feed every few weeks with a natural liquid fertilizer; products intended for houseplants are generally sufficient. If insects like aphids or whiteflies appear, spray them with diluted soapy water.

You can try out some larger vegetables, but choose smaller plants whenever possible, particularly dwarf or mini versions. Not only do they take up less space, they will require less light and energy to produce for you. Cherry tomatoes and mini cucumbers are great examples!


You can visit Flymeawaycreations Etsy shop to find many indoor planters that would work great in any window sill with herbs, succulents, or air plants!


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