Growing Herbs in Water

No garden? No Space? No Problem! You can grow your own indoor herb garden without a pinch of soil! Even if you live in an apartment with nothing more than a tiny back porch or balcony, there is still room to grow some fragrant herbs. All you need is water, sunlight, and a place for your plants to spread their roots.  There are several fresh herbs that will grow well in water such as; Oregano, Basil, Sage, and Peppermint.

You can take cutting right off the fresh herbs that you buy in the store.  Wash them and cut them to about 6 inches and put them into the water filled containers.  Make sure to remove the leaves from any part of the stem that will be under water.   If the stems are not 6 inches long to start with, you still need to cut the end off, so that they will start to root.  Most herbs will root fairly quickly if you start them this way.  If the herb has a woodier stem, such as rosemary, they are a little more time consuming to start.  The water must be changed once a week without removing the plant from the container.  It can take as long as six weeks for the roots to start growing.  Once they do, the water does not need to be changed that often.

Now that you have your favorite herb, the container is the next element that you will need! Using colored glass works best, since herb roots do not like direct sunlight. The easiest way to stop this problem is to put them in a container that blocks direct sunlight.  If you don’t have any dark containers, you can use clear glass just don’t’ place the glass directly in the sunlight (like a window sill). This is where your imagination can come into play by displaying and growing your herbs!  Flymeawaycreations  Etsy shop has a cute vintage set of bottles that would work great with this DIY project. You can find these cute bottles by following the link below the post.

The water that you will use is important as well.  You can use tap water, but you need to let it sit for 24 hours before using it.  You can also use bottled water, but I still recommend that you let it sit out for at least 8 hours before using.  The best water to use is rain water that you can catch by sitting out a bucket or jug. For myself I use rainwater to water all my indoor plants by sitting out a bucket outside to collect large amounts of water.

So if you don’t have a green thumb or garden space don’t worry! Just grab your favorite herb clipping and place it into a little glass container with water and in little time you will have your own little fresh herb garden!


Vintage bottles


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