Caring for Cacti

The cactus family includes a large variety of succulent plants that vary size and color. Some grow into tall columns, reaching up to 50 feet high, while others are only a few inches high and well-suited for growing in pots. These mini-cacti generally produce brightly colored flowers and take on interesting shapes. You can buy mini-cacti already potted in small containers at several local gardening shops!

Cacti are quite low-maintenance, making them an ideal plant for new gardeners and a great housewarming gift. The secrets to growing healthy cacti indoors include providing them with plenty of sunlight, not over watering, and using the right soil. The most important thing to remember when choosing a pot for a cactus is drainage. Find a pot with drainage holes in the bottom that will allow excess water to drain out. Cacti also do well in smaller pots, so choose a pot that’s about twice the size of the plant. Flymeawaycreations shop has several planters that work great with small cacti plants! Many of the 3D printed planters that are listed at the shop have drainage holes to help release the excess water.

So where is the best spot for your new little plant? Kitchen and bathroom windows are great for cacti, because they can pull additional moisture from the air as needed. Most species of cacti need several hours of direct sunlight every day. A south- or east-facing window will be ideal for most cacti. However, if the cactus starts to look yellowed, bleached, or orange, it is likely getting too much light, and you should move it to a west-facing window. Some cactus varieties do better with indirect sunlight. If your cactus is turning white, yellowing, or spots are turning orange, it likely means the plant is getting too much sun. Move the cactus to a window that gets less direct sun.

How do you take care of your new cacti plant?

When you get home with your new cacti, first check the soil don’t water if the soil is still moist, as this will cause rot and kill the plant. Over watering


can kill a cactus, but the plant will need weekly watering during active growing periods. Growth phases are typically between spring and fall. When the soil feels dry to the touch, water the plant until the soil is thoroughly damp. Rain water is preferable to tap water, if you can manage to collect and store it.

Remember for the first two weeks after transplanting, from the store bought container to a new planter that you find at Flymeawaycreations or at another shop make sure the soil is damp, but not soaked and find a great location with enough sunlight for your new little plant!


You can follow the link to Flymeawaycreations shop to see all the different designs for your new cactus!

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