Terrarium Planter DIY

Succulents require little care, making them well-suited for jars or bowl garden terrariums. They grow slowly and require little water. Jars provide an enclosed yet view-able growing environment for succulents, making them suitable for teaching children about planting and growing!

Succulents are native to areas that receive little rainfall; therefore they prefer to dry out between watering

You can create your own mini garden by recycling an old jar, bowl, or a unique object lying around the house! Getting children involved helps teach them responsibility for their plant, and teaches them a little bit about nature!

To begin your garden use these steps below:

Add a 1-inch layer of gravel or small rocks for drainage. (Depends on size of container, use small amount if container is small)

Add a layer of potting soil. It is a good idea to get potting soil made for indoor plants if you can.

Place small ferns, succulents, or even cacti in your soil. You want to keep about 1 plant per 1-inch diameter, if possible. Generally, plant your largest plant first so you leave enough space. (You can use one or more than one plant in your mini garden)

Once you have your plants planted add a small layer of decorative material: rocks, moss, or sand, sea glass, and shells to create a special look!


Try to keep a bit of humidity in the jar. If there is a bit of moisture on the side of the jar, it’s fine. If not, give the jar a gentle spray of water or drip a bit of water along the side of the jar. It is generally not best to simply pour water in the jar. And, over watering can happen very quickly! A little bit is all you need

To ensure that your terrarium will be successful, keep succulents and cacti together, and keep fern and tropical plants together, because they require different amounts of water and soil. You’ll want cactus soil for the succulents and regular old potting soil for everything else. The rocks are used as a false drainage layer while the activated charcoal helps keep the terrarium healthy, and the moss can be used for decoration and to help soak up and retain water.

The plants in a closed terrarium require high light but no direct sunlight. … However, keep in mind that a balanced terrarium should have a certain amount of moisture on the glass. A completely enclosed terrarium requires little or no watering but when in doubt, always water less.

Anyone can enjoy creating and customizing a cute glass jar terrarium with the easy to assemble, DIY kit found at Flymeawaycreations Etsy shop!

*You can choose the kit with glass jar, supplies, and plant OR kit with only supplies & plant *

The kit includes: (1) small bag of white rocks

(1) 2oz bag of soil & sand mixture

(1) small bag of moss

(1) small bag with 2 starfish, 2 coastal sea glass, 2 coastal seashells

(1) mini sempervivum succulent

(1) small glass jar: Height: 4&1/2″ Width: 2&1/4″

(1) Care instructions for plant & Directions to set up the terrarium

This could be a great gift for that special someone in the family, girlfriend, or teacher!


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