Holiday Succulents

Succulents have been a hot trend for many years with no signs of leaving the spotlight. Not surprising, given they are an easy plant to maintain and come in a wide variety of forms; this is why I fell in love with these beautiful flowers!  You can incorporate them into your planters such as many designs at(Flymeawaycreation Etsy shop) or your own DIY terrariums. They’re so picturesque; it would be a shame not to include them in our holiday decorations. From wreaths to a new take on the Christmas tree, succulents are the perfect way to spice up traditional holiday décor

Adding succulents is a chic way to update the typical holiday centerpiece for your fireplace mantel or dining room table. Even if you’re looking for the typical red, green and white color combo, the unusual color and textures of succulents will keep it interesting.  Try adding roses and berries to bring in shades of red, or you can use candles to add the color of your choice.

Apart from a Christmas tree, wreaths might just be the most widely used holiday decoration, so why not make yours original? Succulent wreaths are popping up everywhere which makes them even easier to source. If you find (or make) one that isn’t geared toward the holidays, just add berries or red ribbon for an easy fix. Or go another method and cover a grapevine wreath with moss and add a simple cluster of succulents to make it pop.

The succulent kissing ball is a new twist on the traditional mistletoe version. Using a metal basket or moss ball to help form your base and then add a mixture of your favorite succulents and berries to create a one of kind kissing ball!

You can follow the link below to read instructions on creating your own succulent kissing ball!

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