Gardening with Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is probably the largest insect you’ll see in your garden, and this predatory species is always on the prowl, eating pretty much any other insect that moves. The appearances of these insects can instantly spark curiosity among people who are able to see it. One of the things that people usually ask about praying mantises is their habitat. This is because many kids want to know if they would be able to find praying mantises in the backyards of their own homes.

I have several gardens throughout my yard and I’ve made the commitment to organic gardening. Attracting ladybugs and praying mantises is allowing me to get rid of pests without using chemicals. Beneficial insects often visit your garden by themselves if they can find an abundant food source. If ladybugs and praying mantises haven’t found your garden yet, attract them by providing water, ground cover and fragrant, colorful plants. Bushes are the preferred habitat for newly hatched praying mantis, so landscapes that include plenty of shrubbery usually have an abundance of this predatory insect.

Provide beneficial insects with ground cover for protection. During the day, insects need protection from predators, particularly birds and larger insects. Grow a low-growing plant, such as thyme or oregano, to give insects the cover they need. Alternatively, cover the soil with a layer of straw mulch or cut leaves.  Also, practice organic pest control. Refrain from using any type of chemicals, including pesticides, in your garden. Pesticides kill most types of insects indiscriminately, making it impossible for praying mantises and ladybugs to live in the garden.

In gardens, praying mantises can feed on flies, mosquitoes, moths, and even roaches. They also prey these insects from day to night. There are a lot of kinds of moths that are responsible in damaging the appearances of leaves because they chew away the edges. Mantises can help control moth population in your garden!

I had the opportunity to see a praying mantis visiting one of my gardens a few weeks ago. I didn’t see it at first until I went into the house and turned around and it leaped onto my front door!

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