Holiday Promotion ideas for Business

Promoting-your-store-for-the-holidays (1)

The holiday season is upon us. And it provides many unique opportunities for different types of shops to market towards customers. There are ways you can promote your business throughout the coming months.  I have listed a few ideas you can use to market your business this holiday season, which I hope could work for you!

The holiday shopping season is a great time to bring in some repeat business. Try offering coupons with a purchase of an item, and then the customer could have the choice to come back at a later date to purchase another item for themselves or that special someone.

Donating to a cause is another unique way to promote your business for the good. Perhaps donating a small percentage to a local charity or an organization shows your customers that you care and it also spreads your business name to others.

Another creative way to promote during the holiday season is selling at craft fairs!  This way you can show your items in front of more eyes by showcasing them at special shows or events throughout the holiday season. I love selling locally, if you have not tried this way… you should try!… Check out my Selling at Craft Fair blog for great tips!

Lastly, create a 12 Days of Christmas Sale this could encourage shoppers to shop more than once at your shop during the holiday season. You can host a special sale where people can get specific products or deals for twelve days leading up to Christmas. You can even throw in some fun themed days to really get people into the spirit. ( Flymeawaycreations shop will be offering this technique)

Today everyone is on social media and sharing posts with their followers on Instagram, so why not create a specific hashtag that people can use to show off how they use your products in holiday gifts, recipes, parties and more.  If you are still looking for more ways to increase engagement on Instagram throughout the holidays, try using popular hashtags!










In the end, when using hashtags and promoting tips, remember to have fun with it! Find hashtags and creative promoting ways that express your personality and create interest in your brand. You can follow & visit Flymeawaycreations shop by visiting the links below:

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