National Ghost Hunting Day

On the last Saturday in September as part of the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt, National Ghost Hunting Day kicks off an annual international investigation of the paranormal. For ages gone by, many of the ghost stories around the world center on historical records or literature. Even their use by Shakespeare and other playwrights is often considered a persistence of that discussion in the midst of the Renaissance stage. Seeking paranormal activity isn’t limited to rundown ruins and darkened, forgotten corners of the world. With the increase of movies and television shows going on the hunt, interest has grown. There are many cities that offer ghost hunting tours to walk and listen to ghostly stories about people or places.  Take for instance New Bern, NC has a ghostly tour walk. The tour tells you about the ghosts that haunt the homes and buildings along our route as well as about paranormal investigations that have taken places.

Also Wilmington, NC has a haunted ghost walk, that I have actually been to several times and each visit that I have taken was different stories! You will take a guided tour of a 90-minute ghost walk to the city’s most actively haunted homes & burial grounds. Hear eerie tales of ghostly occurrences, including actual encounters during recent tours.

I have always had a fascination

of ghostly stories and growing up in a home that had some strange activity inspired me to create the skull planters in my shop! I love to read ghost story books, to me its history that hasn’t been forgotten.  You can check out the skull planter by following the link below

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