Sea glass

One of the crafter’s at Flymeawaycreations is my Mother. She is the one that you can find roaming the beaches looking for that special seashell or sea glass to create a necklace or earrings for the shop! My Mother has been creating the jewelry that can be found at Flymeawaycreations on Etsy for over two years now. In her spare time, she likes to collect seashells and unique pieces of sea glass on the SC coastal beaches. The latest piece that she created is now listed on the shop’s page. It is a Seahorse necklace and earring set. I love seahorses and their beauty, so to create jewelry from one of my favorite sea creatures is so unique! Every piece is one of a kind handmade with wire wrapped collected sea glass or a special charm that she has collected at an antique shop. The shells or sea glass are all natural and follows the theme for Flymeawaycreations. I love the ocean and for my Mother to find a way to bring my passion into a piece of jewelry art is one of a kind beauty! She takes her time when creating the pieces by using special tools and wire to wrap around the collected sea glass. Over the years, the colors of sea glass have been mint green to a sky blue that she has collected near Pawley’s Island, SC.  The bond between my Mother and I is very special, I love that we share the same crafting passion.  I also love that I can share all the unique handmade pieces that she creates on my Etsy shop and when I sell locally at the Salty Air Open Market.

You can follow the link to find the jewelry pieces at

( More pieces will be added soon to the shop) ( If you have any special request for a jewelry piece you can ask here or at the Flymeawacreations shop)

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