The Little Bronze Owl

Unless you visit a zoo or a bird sanctuary owls are the birds that are very rarely seen. Here in my state there are only four species of owls; The Great Horned Owl, The Barred Owl, and The Screech Owl. In a previous internship job I had the opportunity to work and take care of The Barred Owl; this is when I fell in love with this beautiful creature. We all know that owls are the top night time predators when it comes to birds of prey. They are the night time equivalent to the eagles, hawks, and falcons of the day. They can be graceful flyers and hunting their unwary prey in complete silence. During the weeks of my internship at the Rehabilitation center I was able to nurture the sick or hurt owls that we took in. Not only was I lucky enough to be up and close with these beautiful creatures, but I learned interesting things as well especially at feeding time the Screech Owls fed on insects mostly, while the Barred Owls ate mainly mice or shrews.

Did you know..?  Owls can be found in the folklore and culture of practically every country and continent in the world. For instance, the owl in African culture is taboo, whose name is whispered in hushed tones. Or in the American Indian culture, owls are looked upon as ‘messengers’ and/or ‘familiars’. Also owls can be seen in several children books such as my daughter’s favorite Little Owl Lost by Chris Houghton.  After reading countless times this cute book and my experiences working along with owls I wanted to create a unique planter that not only myself would enjoy, but others that love this mysterious creature!

By following the link you can see my one of a kind owl planter!



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