Planting with Alligators

Growing up I was fascinated with a wide array of animals and at one time thought about being a Zoologist, but, my creativity and ideas directed me into a different direction, towards my business. I love to design or recreate an item to sell in the shop that has a meaning behind it. Take for instance, the Alligator planter which is one of my favorite planters that I have listed on my Etsy shop. The planter is made from plastic and yes you might be able to find it in the toy isle of a store, but I didn’t see the alligator as a toy for one of my children to play with, I saw it as a cool unique planter to showcase one of my air plants.  I had so many compliments  for the planter I started creating them to sell at my shop. After listing it within a few days it sold!  You can find the golden alligator planter at the shop by following the link,sort:stock,order:ascending,stats:true/249414524




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